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Since 1975 , our talented team has managed to bring a difference in the way shoes are bought in this corner of the world. We are proud that now, in 2019, we are one of the top 10 companies in Walthorne Shop the shoe industry in Uk. We managed to expand from 5 shops to a nation wide network of shops, warehouses and online call centers.
We are now investing in the human capital and in the online delivery platforms. In the future, Unique Wear will become the most reliable shoe buying online platform.
We will change the way shoes are bought at this time,

Unique wear shops

We are the proud manager of more than 120 shops worldwide and we want to expand fast in the online world too. We are currently working on the wholesale online platform which will be revolutionarry. This video will show how our shops are being supplied and managed all over the network. Our managers are allways on the run to find the best and most suitable products for our costumers. Our trucks work day and night to make sure we deliver everything on time.